Starting your own business as a housecleaner is a great way to set up a flexible schedule for yourself where you are able to call the shots.  Many people have such enormous success with their house cleaning business that they are eventually forced to hire extra employees since the demands are so high.

In order to get to this level of success, however, you will first need to find clients.  Your biggest challenge in doing so will be standing out from the rest of the competition in order show clients why you are the best choice.  Here are some of the best tips for standing out to customers and bringing them to your business for their house cleaning needs.

Offer An Introductory Special

Offering cleaning services priced at a discounted rate for first-time customers is a great way to bring clients in the door initially.  By offering a free service or a discounted amount for their first house cleaning will give you the chance to show what a great job you can do and how great of a deal you are.

You can offer this deal advertising in your marketing material.  Make sure that you always mark an expiration date otherwise someone could show up 2 years later and expect the same deal.  Specifying when the valid dates for the offer are is the best way to avoid any confusion.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to find new clients since you have such a wide platform of people to reach.  There are several ways to go about it which you can decide on.  You can either start a page for your business and ask all of your friends and family to like the page and let it gain momentum through organic word of mouth.  Or you could start a campaign which is a paid advertising cycle which reaches a specific demographic of your choice based on your location and preferences.

While a paid campaign is undoubtedly effective, you may not have enough clients, in the beginning, to be able to pay for marketing costs like this.  

Use a Referral Program

Offering a referral program can be one of the fastest ways to get your customer network going.  By offering a free or discounted service to current clients by referring a new client to you, you will not only be bringing in new clients which will result in more money, but you will also be giving your current clients more incentive to stay loyal to your business.

People love a good deal, so the more offers and discounts that you provide as a business owner, the more customers you will have.


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