In the business arena, every decision you make affects your bottom line. You have monthly bills like lights and water. There are your supply needs. Every business uses its share of copy paper, pens, pencils, and copier ink.

Then, you have to pay your rent, payroll, and any businesses you receive products from. Money is hard enough to come by. So, when it comes time to give your company a much-needed facelift, how do you keep the cash leak to a minimum?

Below are three suggestions that may help.


Do you remember your last visit to the hospital? Hopefully, it wasn’t recently, but one of the details that stick out for most is how cold it is and how blinding bright the lights are. On the other hand, there are restaurants who use dimmer lighting to set a more casual mood.

The type of business you own will usually determine the type of lighting you like, but keep your customer in mind. If you run a doctor’s office, a dimmer setting may help patients be less apprehensive and feel more at home. Like the lighting in your own home, you can create an atmosphere of peacefulness. If you own a gym, a little extra light could mean a safer environment for your customers.

In order to save a little money, check around at the thrift shops for cheaper retro ideas that will add inviting character to your lobby. Another option might be to add some simple curtains to add a little shade.

A New Coat Of Paint

Another way to give your business a new look on a budget would be to add a new coat of paint. Many older buildings, especially, are easy to pick out because of the older, more dingy colors that were popular then.

When you add years of aging and weather, a company’s paint job can lend to a reputation of being out of date and irrelevant. Paint is relatively inexpensive. If you are operating a business such as a toy store, try bright colors that scream an invitation to come play.

Running an auto mechanic shop? Try power colors like a darker red or a royal blue. These tend to help communicate to your customers your dedication to maintaining their vehicles.

Simple Shelving

Shelving seems like such an uneventful option. However, how many times have you visited say, a law office or a hometown insurance company and been put to sleep by uneventful, empty, white walls?

Just adding some simple shelving can add character to your small business. You can use them to show off your credentials, family photos, or just to add some flavor to the room. You can procure shelving materials from a scrap pile and recycle or visit a supply outlet center.

Giving your small business a facelift doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Refer to these tips the next time you want to upgrade.


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