It’s the end of the day and you are ready to head home to a hot meal and a good night’s sleep. If you work in the city, there’s a good chance that you will have to navigate a parking garage in order to get to your vehicle.

If you have ever watched a scary movie involving a parking garage or the 11 o’clock news, for that matter, you know the dangers lurking in the shadows of said garages. Safety is a huge concern.

Kidnappers, robbers, and murderers alike have been known to take advantage of the lack of safety in some parking structures. Below are three ideas that might make them think twice.  

Make Visibility Easy

Have you ever waited patiently in the shadows to playfully scare a friend or loved one?
It’s fun and one of the reasons it’s so easy is because of the camouflage the shadows offer. They never see you coming. Criminals see the same advantage in the dark places of a parking structure.

Except, they mean you imminent harm and it’s NOT funny. The first way you make these places safer is by making things easier to see. You can accomplish this a couple of ways. First, shed a little extra light on the matter.

Extra lighting may be more expensive, but could mean the difference between life and death for a patron. Second, consider adding some barrier cables in the walls of the structure. It not only lets in more natural light but allows your patrons an unobstructed view of the facility.

Cameras Are a Must

The technological research we have placed into cameras can be entertaining. We have a great time watching programs like The World’s Dumbest Criminals and Candid Camera. They bring out the “OMG’s!” and the laughs so involved we have to make split-second decisions to run to the restroom.

However, there are uses for cameras that can be life-altering. If you want to make your structure safer, place enough cameras in the place to cover every angle at all times. Then, post signs that make sure perpetrators are well aware of their existence.

This, in and of itself, will act as a deterrent to most. However, should the less intelligent decide to risk it and break the law anyway, they and the deed are caught on camera red handed. This makes the apprehension of the criminal much more likely and makes your structure safer in the future.

Call Boxes  

Unfortunately, no matter how much time and money you put into keeping your parking garage safe, there will be instances that are beyond your control. For example, someone could have a heart attack or fall and break a bone.

Earlier, we referred to the criminal who is bold enough to take the risk of being caught anyway and there are still instances of helping lost children find Mom or Dad. A well-placed call box could help your patrons bring assistance to those who need it fast.

They are also handy for those structures that block out cell service, as well. If you have done all that you can and an emergency still finds its way to your structure, a call box can mean the difference between going home and resting in peace.

One of the inalienable rights that we all enjoy is the right to feel and be safe. Use the tips above to make sure your parking structure delivers that to your customers.


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