Many people have the unfortunate experience of being fired from their job.  When this happens it can be extremely disappointing and you may find yourself in a hard financial situation wondering how you’re going to manage to pay your bills or taking care of your basic needs.

Sometimes people anticipate that they may have been making the wrong moves on the job that were potentially leading to them being terminated.  While others are totally caught off guard and completely given a curve ball.  When it comes to people losing their jobs and being fired, here are some of the most common reasons.

Missing Too Much Work

People who miss too much work are showing their employers that they are not dependable.  This can be for a variety reasons whether they get sick frequently, lie to not have to come into work, or maybe they suffered an injury and have to miss weeks of work because of it.  

An employer wants to make sure that they are invested in someone that they can rely on to get the job done. Therefore, showing up on time is crucial in order to be able to show your boss that you are worthy of keeping your job.

Not Working Well With Others

People who work well in a team setting and are enjoyable people to work with are easy to keep on board since they are an asset.  When employees are arguing with other employees and butting heads with management over an extended period of time it can start to wear down on everyone’s morale.

Make sure that you show that you are an enjoyable and kind person to be around and you will be much more likely to keep your job.  Remember, the same rules as Kindergarten still applies to adult life.  Be nice to others and work well with others and you will succeed.

Not Delivering a Good Performance

At the end of the day no matter how enjoyable you are to work with or how much you show up on time on a regular basis, if you are not good at your job you won’t be invited to stay on the team after a while.

When you make mistakes you cost the company money.  Therefore, you are not a desirable employee if you are wasting their time with a poor performance.  Try to do your best at all times and if you still can’t seem to get the job done right, you may want to consider getting into a new career.


Stealing from the workplace is unfortunately something more common than you would think.  Most companies have a zero tolerance policy so it is best not to even steal something as innocent as a pen.   Your job is much more valuable in the long run.


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