If you’re selling takeaways, you’re going to need a healthy supply of bags available in which to supply your food. Finding the right bags can be deceptively tricky, and it’s surprising just what an impact is made by the ones you do end up using. Here are just four handy tips to follow when you’re looking for bags for your takeaway business.

  1. Go Branded

Whatever else you do, make sure you take the opportunity to brand your bags with your business name and logo. Yes, it can seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’s a step that’s well worth the money. Anyone who sees the bag, from passers-by on the street to the people who are being fed, is going to be exposed to your business and therefore become more likely to seek you out for the future. Additionally, using branded bags tends to suggest your establishment is of a higher order than run-of-the-mill.

  1. Choose Flat Handles

Takeaways can get heavy once you start adding heavier dishes, cans, and bottles. The last thing you want is for handles to break or dig uncomfortably into people’s hands, which is why you should choose bespoke bags with flat handles. They rest more naturally and comfortably across the palm, and they tend to take more weight than cheaper handle options.

  1. Pick Brown or White

You can go for more vibrant colours, and maybe you should if those colours are closely associated with your business. However, most takeaways should go for classic brown or white. These bags form the perfect blank canvas against which to set your own personal message.

  1. Find a Wide Base

We’ve already addressed how takeaway orders can get heavy. They can also get crowded, and it’s aggravating having to fit lots of smaller dishes on top of each other in one bag. Horizontal space is more useful than vertical space when you’re slipping dishes into a takeaway bag, so you should look for bespoke bags that offer a wide base option.


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