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Selling products in a retail environment is always challenging. You will be competing both for customer attention and for shelf space within the store. In order to make your product stand out and subsequently outsell the competition, you will need to grab hold of every advantage that you possibly can. The importance of product packaging in selling a product cannot be understated. Product packaging is about much more than simply containing a product; it is an opportunity to inform customers about the product and to sell it to them.

By following these five simple tips, you can package your products in a way that entices consumers to buy your products and retailers to give them space on their shelves.

Experiment with Different Designs

Great packaging is only half the story. The product inside needs to be worth the customer’s time as well. After all, it is the product that customers are buying, not the packaging. The ultimate purpose of the packaging is to sell the product to consumers, and in order to do this effectively, you will need to work out which designs are best at motivating the customer. Experiment with your designs and conduct as much market research as you can.

Keep it Honest

The old adage that honesty is the best policy holds especially true in the world of business. If your company develops a reputation for being dishonest or misleading their customers, then you stand no chance of building a loyal and sustainable brand. The packaging for your product should sell the product, it should convey the most important information about the product, but you must make sure that you avoid making superfluous or unsubstantiated claims.

Make Sure It’s Practical

It is important that product packaging is practical and serves its function properly. While conveying information about the product is undoubtedly important, the packaging obviously also has to function appropriately as a means of containing the product until you can get it home. There is an array of options for packaging a product, from boxes, to vacuum packing, to sleeve labels. You will need to decide on the right packaging material based on the specific product that you are packaging.

Clear Typography

When consumers see a product on the shelf in a store, they will usually only give it a quick glance, but they will take a closer look if the product packaging entices them. Because of this, it is important that they are enticed in just those few moments to take a closer look. Having clear typography that can be read at a glance is an important component of this.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Quality

It is crucial that the packaging you use reflects the quality of the product within. Even the most luxurious of products will appear to be cheap and inconsequential if it is packaged as such. Use the highest quality materials that you can afford so that when a customer picks your product off the shelf they feel the quality.

Product packaging is a crucial aspect of the design process. It is just as important as the product itself for businesses who are hoping to seriously compete in a retail environment.


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