The challenge of designing a successful business website is to be able to cram all the information you mean to convey into one central destination, and make it look pretty.  More than anyone is willing to admit, people gravitate towards aesthetically pleasing things.  

The look of your website matters just as much as the content.  If you are seeking out a workable place to start on your business website’s design, then you have stumbled across the right words.  Here are a few of the most valuable players when it comes to building a comprehensive business website.  

Aesthetic go-to’s for web design

One of the most important aesthetically pleasing aspects of a successful business website it that it looks just as great on a mobile device as it does on a PC.  Mobile optimization will place your website in higher rankings in a Google search.  

More than half of the nation’s population use mobile devices daily to access the internet.  Become a part of the trend, and make sure your business website design includes a mobile version.  

Content draws in viewers

The internet is composed of pages and pages of content.  Pictures, videos, and words all constitute content, and your website’s content has got to measure up to the competition.  

Invest in quality content for your website.  One of the most useful ways to incorporate engaging content into your site design is to create a page for your business blog.  Your “Blog” section will expand the reach of your site.  Just make sure to include social media share buttons in the layout.  

Create space for your accomplishments

What you do as an organization matters explicitly to web users.  People tend not to invest their money in things they do not find noteworthy.  You have to show them why they should love your business.  

Work an “About Us” section into your web design, and use the space to showcase the accomplishments of your business.  Check out this example site for reference.  Share information about what your organization has done for the local community, and a few short bios which feature some of your company’s most influential professionals.  

Keep communication on point

Communication is your most valuable tool in business and in life.  If you cannot connect with people on some level, your business has already sunk.  Work communication into the design of your website.  

Create a “Contact Us” page, like this one, to afford visitors the right to share their thoughts and experiences.  Use this insight to better your business and your web design.  

Frequently asked questions

Adding an “FAQ” page to your website will save your customer service people a little time and effort.  By providing viewers with answers to common inquiries, you free up the lines of communication for more important issues.  


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