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Packaging is a crucial aspect of product design. Without the right packaging, a product is doomed to languish on the shelf without any interest from potential customers. Well-designed packaging will advertise the merits of a product to the consumer in a clear and concise manner, while also conveying the quality of the product that it contains. Even the most luxurious product will be let down by subpar packaging. If the outer packaging that the customer sees and feels is of an inferior quality then they will likely assume that the product contained within is of an equivalent quality.

Saving Money

While it is essential that you are willing to put in the appropriate time and resources necessary to ensure that your product packaging is as effective as possible, it is also worth knowing that there are ways of achieving this without breaking the bank. Retail is a very competitive arena for any business and every advantage that you can secure over your competitors should be embraced and pursued.

One of the simplest ways of saving money is by ensuring that your business has access to the best possible equipment for the type of packaging that you have. For example, if your business requires a tray packer machine then you should look for one that strikes a balance between the number of units it can process, the quality and reliability of each unit produced, and the overall cost.

Hang Tags

A hang tag, as the name implies, is a simple tag which hangs from your product. They are incredibly useful for certain products but are entirely unsuitable for others. They are usually used for products such as clothing, bottles, and other products, which can survive the shipping process without suffering damage.

While hang tags are useful for conveying information quickly and simply to consumers, you need to consider the physical labor involved in attaching each tag to every unit, as well as how you will attach them.

Header Cards

Header cards are similar to hang tags, but instead of dangling off the product, they are printed on a business card sized piece of cardboard and inserted into the product packaging. Much like hang tags, header cards are an effective way of quickly and efficiently conveying information to consumers about your product. In the retail environment, this is a valuable asset.

Header cards are low cost and, along with the hang tag, they are the mainstay of affordable packaging solutions. Header cards are often associated with low cost and low-value items. However, they are increasingly being deployed as part of the packaging of more high-end products.

Buy in Bulk

When you have a large number of units that need to be packaged, you can save yourself some money by ordering your packaging in bulk. Just as the manufacturing of the products themselves becomes cheaper per unit when ordered in bulk, the same is true of the packaging.

Retail is a very competitive market and it is this arena that product packaging matters the most. Anything you can do to reduce your costs is, therefore, of value and worth pursuing.


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