For the most part when we speak about exclusivity by way of certain markets and the clients they service, one would rightfully assume we’re talking about the luxury items and services industry. This is the sort of exclusively which exists as somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy in that an exclusive market is created largely through what some would call an inflated price for those products and services offered.

You think about the likes of the supercar market and this is perhaps where the self-fulfilling prophecy type of exclusivity is most prevalent, in that when you compare what you get in a supercar with what you get in a mid-to-high range “regular” car, what you’ll find is that you’re paying an inflated price for features which aren’t really in proportion to those prices. I mean is a 0-100km/h time which is 3-4 seconds faster than that of a regular car’s 0-100km/h acceleration really worth paying a $200,000 extra for, because quite frankly these are the sorts of things you’re actually paying for in the name of luxury?

Let’s move on over to something like the iPhone as well – comparing the features you get in an iPhone side-by-side to those contained in the best Android phone which costs up to a third of the price will really have you feeling like you’re unnecessarily wasting your money if you’re honest about your insistence on buying an iPhone.

All of that said however, the luxury goods and services industry is indeed one which needs very little marketing for a success to be made out of it, testimony to which is how the likes of Lamborghini don’t even advertise. I mean have you ever seen an advert for a Lamborghini or even a Ferrari in your entire life? Besides what is more of a feature in a targeted publication such as a car magazine, I most definitely haven’t.

Going beyond the luxury goods and services market however, some of the other industries which require very little marketing if any at all would include those which fall under crucial and even critical services, such as for example needing something like brain surgery. Brain surgery is extremely expensive and one can safely say that every single brain surgeon on earth is successful financially, yet you’ve probably never ever seen an advert for brain surgery in your life, or even one which perhaps offers medical insurance as a “supporting” industry to that of brain surgery itself.

You’ve probably never even seen an ad for the services offered by a brain injury lawyer, because all the best ones are referred by word of mouth, such as Miami brain injury attorney DDR, LLP.

Either way, if you want to get into those industries in which you can be really successful without having to do too much marketing, even if only on a referral basis in the case that you don’t have the core skills and qualifications for that particular industry, you’ll have to look at exclusive industries and/or crucial/critical industries.


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