One of the best things about using corporate ties instead of letting your employees pick their own is that you can exercise precise control over the chosen design, selecting one that will reflect your business and create a sense of uniformity. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you make the right decisions when you’re picking out your chosen ties, and one of the most important is whether you want to go printed or woven.

Smaller businesses can benefit hugely from using IT support providers. Instead of having to rely on freelancers, devote their own time to IT problems with which they may not be familiar, or spend money hiring a permanent IT team, an IT support service can provide assistance when you need it for a manageable monthly fee, and they’ll always boast the latest industry knowledge.

Look, I know many things are easier said than done, like how I believe any self-respecting financial consultant cannot really work for a big financial firm forever without wanting to break away and do their own thing down the line, but yeah, when you’re dealing up-close-and-personal with the finances of many different types of people the window of opportunity becomes that much clearer to you. Financial consultants are indeed bound by client-service provider confidentiality, but you can learn a lot from just interpreting the numbers associated with your clients.

If you’re working to earn your degree you may be getting frustrated from trying to make ends meet. Tuition and books can be a huge drain on the budget, and many students don’t have the time to work while attending classes. Here are some tips to help stretch your budget while getting your education:

Many people’s idea of a dream job is to be able to sit in the comfort of their own home, making a living without the pressures associated with the modern day workplace, such as tight work deadlines. Luckily, this is a real possibility nowadays, and many people enjoy this lifestyle. Here are some of the common ways they do this.

I’ve always had a deep-running admiration for those people whose approach to generating an income would be classified more as higher risk routes, many of whom I sort of came into contact with while still working formally in the corporate sector as a financial consultant. I mean I always had the safety net of some employers above me who are responsible for the rainmaking while my efforts contributed to the profitability, but people like those who identify as self-employed traders and the likes are truly brave souls in my book.

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A look at businesses which go on to achieve great things and grow into big success stories doesn’t really point to any innovation taking place anymore, as was the case with those history defining moments like the invention of the internal combustion engine as an improvement on the steam engine. These days it’s all about new websites and new apps as innovations.

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