It may be a lot different when you’re at that stage in your life during which you’re contemplating major career moves, but I reckon it applies to everyone that, looking back in hindsight, one would choose vast wealth over something like a prestigious academic qualification. Of course these things never apply completely across the board, but I mean really, would you choose Bill Gate’s life over that of some college professor with five PHDs to his name?

I mean I get it, it’s not always about the money, neither is it exclusively about the money, but I can safely say that a huge chunk of “it” is indeed about the money. In a world where everybody is forced to play master of their finances, I think it’s safe to say that those who are doing better at it have a lot more going for them. It isn’t necessarily a reflection on any skills or astuteness you can claim to boast, but it very well could be.

What it could also be is a matter of having been lucky in a number of different ways. For example, something as seemingly insignificant as your interests could make for that bit of luck you need to make the right decision in your pursuit of financial stability, if not complete financial freedom.

Putting all those other factors aside, such as the luck element (although not discounting it), when it really comes down to it you only have what you have at your disposal. You have the number of hours afforded to you per day less the time you spend at work, commuting to work, sleeping, etc. So you should resolve to refine your planning skills as the best use of that time, quite simply because proactive planners tend to do better financially.

Reactive planners on the other hand – or perhaps one can’t even refer to them as planners since there’s nothing to suggest that a reactive person is any sort of planner – tend to lag behind on their finances because by the time they start planning their reactionary steps to take the market has perhaps already moved right along. If for example you’re thinking about getting into forex trading this late in 2017, you’re a reactionary financial planner and needless to say it’s a bit too late to try and get onto that bandwagon.

Picture this, although it’s perhaps not a very savoury thought to have – imagine you were injured by a drunk driver while you were doing nothing but going about your daily business of driving home from work, or something like that. For a personal finances planner who is not prepared for such an unfortunate event, as is the case with the reactionary planner, this could really cripple you financially.

The proactive personal finances planner on the other hand would know exactly what to do in such a situation, ideally aided by some sort of plan which may not even have been directly put into place to target something like a car accident injury specifically. This could perhaps be covered by some legal insurance they have or perhaps regular auto insurance which incorporates something like liability coverage.

Be proactive with the planning of your finances, even if it may appear to be in the slightest of ways. It all makes a difference in the end.


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