Online marketing is one of the most important concepts for an entrepreneur to understand.  The world of business changed forever when the internet’s popularity went up like a wildfire.  The game of marketing is different now.  

Though becoming an expert in the art of digital marketing might take some time, there are plenty of steps that could be taken towards an expansion of knowledge, right now.  Take a moment to read up on a few of the best online marketing tools available on the market this year.  

Tools that help entrepreneurs see the most recent moves in the industry

As a business owner, it is crucial that you keep up with recent shifts and changes in your industry.  There is no better tool for such a duty than Google Alerts.  

Google Alerts will tell you just how often your brand name is being mentioned online.  It will also display the results of competitor or sector names as well by simply entering the appropriate keywords.  

Tools that help manage social media information flow

When it comes to managing social media posts and ad placements, Hootsuite is one of the most valuable software tools an entrepreneur can employ.  The free version of the popular tool is absolutely worth a download, but the paid version is even better.  

Hootsuite enables marketers (and layman) to easily monitor and post updates on all social media platforms using one simple software application.  Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can be easily tracked with only a few simple clicks.  

Tools that help professionals understand how people search for information

The key piece of information all online entrepreneurs should understand is that searches mainly drive the majority of a business’s sales, website visits, and leads.  Even those who choose to outsource their search engine optimization efforts should make it a point to understand how people are searching for their products.  

Google Keyword Planner is the most indispensable tool when it comes to narrowing down just what keywords people are using to complete their online searches.  Obtaining this knowledge can effectively boost any online marketing campaign with a quickness unlike any other.

Tools that monitor backlink development

There are several different tools in this category, but there are a few superstars that stand above the rest.  Majestic and Moz’s Open Site Explorer seem to be the “must use” tools of the decade when it comes to monitoring a website’s backlink developments.  

If you are not familiar with the importance of building an intricately weaved web of backlinks, then there is a whole bunch of studying that needs to be done.  Backlinks are one of the most effective ways to boost web traffic for websites in need.  


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