When you are just beginning to learn the art of website design, the important concepts of a site may not stand out to your untrained eye.  There is a method to the madness of the internet, and site builders are very intentional in their designs.  

Designing a website should be done with a mind heavy with marketing strategies.  Your business website sets the tone for your organization’s online presence.  You are designing your digital image.  Take a moment to read through this brief overview, featuring a few of the most important aspects of a successful business website.

Make navigation easy for visitors

To make navigating your website easier for visitors, try adding a navigation bar across the top of the page.  Like this site shows, you can just string links to different sections of the site across the top of the page, and navigating from page to page within your website quickly becomes a simple process.  

When it is easy to travel around your design, web users will spend more time exploring.  The more time they spend looking around your website, the more likely you are to build a connection with that person.  

Create space for quality content

Every good business website needs a designated enlightening space.  Create a “Blog” page on your website, and make sure to equip that space with engaging reading materials.  

Your blog content should not only be loaded with industry-specific information, it should also have all the major social media share buttons added to the design.  Readers need the ability to share your blog posts when they find them interesting or thought-provoking.  

Mobile optimization is essential

Mobile users are taking the internet by storm.  With so much variety in the form of mobile devices, people are accessing the internet differently than they were ten years ago.  

You want your design to be optimized for mobile users.  Google’s search engine rankings also reward those sites that are optimized for the mobile visitor.  You will reach more users, and get better SERP rankings when your design for mobile access.  

Communication is a top priority

Communication is a vital skill to master for many reasons pertaining to your social life and to your success in business.  When designing your business website, communication should be a top priority.  

Good business equals good communication between you and your target audience.  Create a “Contact Us” page that offers up an array of different communication options for web users.  Check this example page out for a better idea of where to begin when designing your contact page.

Learn all you can about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way web designers refer to working the system.  The system being Google’s search algorithm.  SEO will teach you what Google looks for when scanning the internet for the best search results.  


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