There are many ways to get traffic to your website, but one of the best and most reliable is still search engine traffic. While search engines are judging your website based on its relevancy, people are judging you even harder based on your ranking. In fact, many people only trust websites that are found on the first page of search engines. Here are a few things that your ranking says about you and how customers will perceive your website.

Top Businesses get Top Spots

The general consensus amongst search engine users is that top businesses get top spots. If a website is good and is awarded a top spot by Google, then people believe that it’s not just SEO or marketing that got them there. They believe that the website must be the best for their purposes. It’s easy to reach this conclusion when you consider how most people use search engines.

Over half of all clicks go to the first three links and 90 percent of users only visit a website if it’s on the first page. This means that just 10 percent of users navigate beyond the first page, which makes sense since search engines have gotten better about finding the most relevant websites. If you aren’t one of the top ranking websites, then you basically don’t exist to these users.

Getting to the top is difficult without an agency like Rankz supporting you, so be sure to get professional assistance to get and maintain a top ranking.

Matching the Customer’s Demands

People use search engines in the hope that they will find a website that matches their demands. They don’t want to comb through multiple websites to find that one item or service they want to buy. They want to find a good website immediately, spend their money and then move on with their lives.

Justified or not, many people mistake ranking for true relevancy. Your website might be the ideal match for their needs, but it’s unlikely that they will find or even click on your website unless it’s on the first page. People may even be wary of your website if it has no search engine presence.

Instant Trust

Google is considered a good judge of character when it comes to websites. They have steadily improved their algorithm over the years to remove many of the content farms and junk websites that once wormed their way into the top spots. Since people trust Google and know that they will often find the best website in one of the top spots, this means that they also tend to quickly trust websites found through Google.

If your website is in the top, then this means you will likely be trusted by the traffic you get from search engines. People who are trusting are also more likely to buy items and part with their money.


There are many ways to get traffic to your website, but few are as good as organic search engine traffic. Not only can this deliver thousands of people to your website, but it also builds trust in your brand and makes people look more favorably on your business. Few people go beyond the first page on Google, so it’s best to secure a top spot with aggressive marketing and good content.


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