In the year 2018, the majority of us finally realize what a catastrophe the environment has become. We have holes in the ozone layer of the atmosphere, our landfills are full, and there are way too many oil spills and too much garbage polluting our waterways and harming wildlife.

Many know, but feel powerless to do anything about the seemingly impossible problem. Did you know you can help just by going to work and changing the way you do a few things? It’s easy. Below are three suggestions you might want to think about trying.


This idea is not new, by far. We use millions of things that are recyclable every day. Plastic bags for our sandwich at lunch, the plastic bottle or aluminum can that our drinks come in, the wasted and trashed copy paper that ends up in the dump, and the ink cartridges we just toss in the waste can are all good examples of items that could be recycled on the job.

Talk to your boss (unless you are him/her) and see if you can set up recycling receptacles at key locations throughout your company’s campus. There should be one for paper products, one for plastics, one for glass, and one for aluminum cans and foil.

This way, when you go to throw away your trash you are actually helping to give the Earth and the people who live here a second chance at a very long life. It might take a few extra minutes out of your day, but the benefits make it well worth every second.

Save Energy

One of the largest bills a company has is its own electric bill. Each business has the need for lights, microwaves, refrigerators for the employee lounge, copiers, computers, and much more. Energy is a hot commodity when it comes to running a business.

With that said, there are a few things that you can do that will not only save you money but curb your need for energy, as well. First, fix your exit signs to use photoluminescent materials. They will save a bundle on your electricity bill and can go up 25 years without any maintenance.

Second, change all of your regular light bulbs to energy saving bulbs. Wear a few layers of clothing to work in the winter instead of burning the heat in your office. Last, put your computer to sleep when you are not using it for extended periods of time.

Reduce the Pollution

Have you ever thought about the trouble your regular everyday habits might cause in the environment while you are preparing to be at work? Try setting up a carpool schedule. One day, you use your car to take you and a few buddies to work. The next day, one of your buddies uses his car and takes everyone to work.

This not only saves money on how much everyone spends on gas for the week but reduces the emissions released into the air because you are driving one car to work instead of four. Want another idea? This one may not be as popular with your boss, but the atmosphere you live in will thank you for it.

Consult your boss and see if he/she will allow you to work from home a day or two out of the week. This will reduce vehicle emissions and the amount of energy used at your place of employment. You should also consider riding your bike or walking to work. This is the best choice out of the three as you reduce your emissions to zero and get it your daily exercise.

Business is necessary. So is maintaining the planet on which we live. Refer to the suggestions above to help do your part in that maintenance.


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