Working with animals is something which gives people an opportunity to get paid to spend their day with creatures that they have a passion for. Assisting and protecting animals is a line of work which requires compassion, patience, and above all, a love for animals.

If you’re someone who thinks you’d enjoy a career working with animals, here are some of the best picks for you to consider.

A Veterinarian

A job as a veterinarian allows you to work closely with animals who need treatment and attention.  Working as a veterinarian isn’t the only way to work in a vet office, however. You can also work as a veterinary technician, or even in administration greeting clients and organizing their paperwork.

Usually, these kinds of jobs are quite rewarding. However, there are occasions where you are exposed to tragedy and may see a lot of sweet pets come in and never get to go home again.  Sometimes the emotional challenges of this job aren’t for everyone.

A Trainer

A job as a trainer is great for people who love seeing the best sides of animals.  Depending on what kind of animal you choose to train, you can have a wide variety of potential work environments.

A trainer can work with all kinds of animals, from whales to rats, to horses.  It’s all a matter of what types of animals you have a passion for. However, you may want to consider a job training dogs since there is more work available than training elephants, for example.

A Dog Walker

While people are at work and their dogs are at home, they want to make sure that their dogs are getting enough exercise.  People pay professional dog walkers to come to their house and let their dogs outside while they aren’t available to.

Since dogs love to be walked and get exercise, it can be a fun and upbeat job which is flexible for your schedule.

A Zoologist

A career in zoology means having an extensive knowledge of animals in the wild.  They record data and provide insights which fight for the preservation and care for species all over the world.

Since it involves a lot of number crunching and data, you want to make sure you’re cut out for this kind of work before you sign up too quickly.

A Breeder

Although there are a lot of breeders out there who give breeding a bad name by exposing their animals to terrible living conditions, there are breeders out there who do a fantastic job.

A breeder helps animals through the first few weeks to months of their lives encouraging proper mother-baby bonds while maintaining sanitary conditions.  They help connect the recently born animals to a human family who is the best possible fit for them.


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