Starting a new business isn’t enough to pull in customers automatically off the street.  In order to pull in customers and attract their business, it’s essential to know the right marketing techniques that it takes to bring them in.

Without taking the right steps, you could easily disappear into the abyss of all of the competition out there.  If you’ve been expecting customers to show up, but it’s not happening yet, then you may want to look at the following possibilities why.

Lack Of Visibility

It may be that you aren’t visible in the street.  When people walk by there should be something which makes your storefront stand out.  You should have signs and marketing material which clearly states what kind of services or goods you’re offering.

You should ensure that your sign is visible from the street in case people are driving by.  If they can read it from their car, then they will remember to go to you next time they need what you’re selling.  Otherwise, if your sign is too small and difficult to read, people won’t register you in their memory.

Poor Website

In this modern age, one of the first things that people do when they’re looking for business is to look it up on Google.  If your search results come up with a poorly designed and unprofessional looking website, then chances are you’re going to lose their interest.

Your website should be done by a professional and clearly indicate how to reach you and where to find you.  It’s also vital that your website is mobile friendly. Most people look up websites from their smartphones now, so it’s essential that it’s easy to navigate your site from the palm of their hand.

Bad Location

One of the first things that you should ask yourself if you’re not bringing in clients is how easy your location is to get to.  If you’re in a place which is off the beaten path or has no street parking, it will play a role in how many people you’ll bring in.

Having a central location which is easily accessible will increase the number of people who come in to check you out.

Bad Reputation

All it takes is one unhappy customer to leave a bad review online to start spoiling your reputation.  It’s essential that you keep up with your reviews and take note of how well your reputation is doing.

Unreasonable Prices

It’s vital that your customer feels like your prices are reasonable and fair. If you aren’t keeping up with your competitors’ prices, then you risk aiming too high.  As a result, your potential customers will go elsewhere for business.


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