One of the most important aspects of a successful business website is communication.  In business, no matter what your purpose, your consumers are what gets you through to the next day.  You should make every effort to listen to what the people have to say.

If you are unfamiliar with all the ways technology has gifted you to communicate with the online community, then you’re in luck.  Here is a quick overview of a few ways you can encourage communication from your visitors to your business website.

The standard “Contact Us” page

Even though there are many other ways to encourage communication throughout your site’s design, your business website needs to have the traditional “Contact Us” page.  It may be a traditional addition to the design, but your contact page doesn’t have to be boring.

Liven up the display of information with sharp images and interactive elements.  Also, make sure to be clear about several different ways to communicate with your organization.  Check out how this business designed their contact page, and get started on your vision for communication.  

Add social media share buttons

Linking your business website to social media is a wise marketing effort.  Strategically place social media sharing buttons all around your web design.  

Visitors should have the ability to act on their sharing whims.  Whenever a web user clicks a share button, your business gains a free and instant piece of marketing.  

Use a compelling call to action

Incorporating and encouraging communication on your homepage (or anywhere other than your contact page) doesn’t have to seem forced.  When you provide a link to communicate through an enticing call to action, people will communicate before they even realize that they are communicating.  Effortless, enriching, engaging communication is easy and enjoyable.

Create an engaging blog presence

A business blog can be a very powerful tool of engagement when it comes to boosting communication efforts.  It pays to create a well-written business blog, but you have to keep up with it.  If you post five articles and leave it at that, you’ll never build a return audience.  

Building a loyal readership is pertinent to the success of your organization’s blog presence.  Write about subject matter that is relevant to your industry to draw in the eyes of people who will take interest in what you are selling. 

Always make it easy

Whatever you do, always make it easy.  Web users have become very spoiled in regards to fluent access, so follow suit.  If it isn’t as easy as just a few clicks, people won’t spend the time to engage. Capitalize on a user’s desire to feel important, and sculpt your encouragement wisely.  


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