As a businessman, you may struggle for spare time, never mind spare time in order to read a book.

But these aren’t any only books, these are some of the best books written by and for businessmen. From some great tips to running your own business to some incredibly inspiring stories, here are our best books.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

This classic book will change the way you make, build and maintain relationships snapping from personal to business, this book has it all.

You’ll learn how to increase your popularity, win over business leaders, persuade others to your way of thinking and become a better speaker.

Good to Great – Jim Collins

Wondering if your business has the potential to go from good to great? This insightful book by Jim Collins will certainly make you think so!

Using real-life examples and practical advice you’ll see how your business can achieve tremendous things whilst others in your field continue to just be good enough.

Superbosses – Sydney Finkelstein

This is the perfect book for managers or those who are hoping to move into a managerial role. Written by Sydney Finkelstein, this book will help you to change the way you see great leadership.

The book follows the example of some of the world’s most renowned bosses such as Ralph Lauren and Lorne Michaels who have speared their employees on to be the next generation of superstars.

Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

Shoe Dog is the incredible biography of one of Nike’s most influential employees, Phil Knight.

This book tells the tale of Phil and his journey to creating one of the most recognised brands in the world, follow him as he grows into the role, makes mistakes and learns from them.

Chaos Monkeys – Antonio Garcia Martinez

This juicy book is perfect for anyone interested in the world of Silicon Valley and anything Facebook!

Antonio was Facebook’s first ads-targeting product manager who takes you behind the scene and strips the famous Silicon Valley of all its glitz and glamour with some juicy stories you just can’t turn away from.

The 4 Hours Work Week – Timothy Ferriss

If a four hour week is what dreams are made of, then this book will certainly give you the inspiration you need to get your life on track.

Ferriss uses his past experience to motivate and guide others to a life of utter bliss, working four hours a week and earning $40,000 a month.

You’ll learn how to outsource your life and workload, eliminate 50% of your workload in 48 hours and how short bursts of work and much better than slogging it for days, weeks and years on end with no apparent gratification. This really is a book for those who want to change their life!

What are your favourite books for business and motivation? Let us know by getting in touch.


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