If you’ve recently switched phone communications providers and you are now using hosted telephone services with cloud software, you may be wondering why so many people are talking about the benefits of using wireless headsets in the workplace. Communications providers install all kinds of software and devices to improve productivity amongst workers, wireless headsets are an essential part of their services.

Unrestricted Movement > Headsets allow your staff to move around the office without being restricted by phones which require cords. If you’ve recently installed or upgraded your phone services using hosted telephony providers, you may have noticed they renovated your system to include the use of wireless headsets. These devices are used to improve productivity, by allowing employees to work both on the go and at their desks.

When sitting at their desks, they can easily multitask using wireless headsets. It is a lot more difficult to attend to other tasks when your hands are busy holding a phone to your ear. You’ve more time to handle documents, use the computer or make important notes when you’ve a modern wireless headset at your desk.

It is frustrating having to be stuck at your desk waiting for calls because your company hasn’t upgraded their phone systems and still uses traditional wired devices. If you’ve to take an important call and you need to be in your office, you don’t have much time to attend to other tasks, you’re left static waiting to receive a call before you do anything else. But, wireless headsets allow employees to move around the premises and finish other tasks while waiting on calls, they are far more productive than wired systems.

Better Sound Quality > Communication service providers don’t just install headsets because they look futuristic and make your company look professional, they use them because they improve the quality of sound between your employees and your clients. Headsets don’t move all over your head when you attach them, the microphone stays in a fixed position which means you get excellent sound quality, both when you speak and listen. When you hold a wired phone to your ear, it tends to slip or move around because you get tired when talking for extended periods.

Human Factors > One of the easiest ways to improve productivity is to keep your employees happy, providing higher wages is surprisingly not the main way you can improve their mental state. Employees like to be in an environment which suits their needs and takes their physical, and emotional state into account. That means providing desks and other devices which allow them to work in comfort. Wireless headsets are ergonomically friendly, they eliminate back, and neck pain associated with holding wired phones to your ear daily.

If your employees are on the phone for large portions of the day, then you should consider using wireless headsets if you haven’t already had them installed. Most top-quality communications providers will use wireless headsets if you switch to a cloud-based system. Your staff will be thankful for the new improvements around the premises.


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