Currently, U.S. culture is infatuated with every advance in technology and the Internet. We live from year to year awaiting the next version of little box (smartphone, tablet, and other mobile technologies) that offers yet another wildly unpredictable medium for socialization, communication, and most important, commerce.  

Saturating the digital channels with as much content as you can is one of the most effective ways to push your company in front of the masses. Your business website is probably the most useful tool in the race to stir up interest, but there are many ways to increase your organization’s online presence.

Here’s a quick overview of some helpful tips that should lead your operation down the path to success, and think about how you might enhance your organization’s digital presence with these tools.

Become SEO savvy

Every piece of digital content your business produces could be made more effective if you apply the concepts of search engine optimization. SEO will teach you how to produce digital content that checks off all the proverbial “boxes” that excite Google’s search engine sorting algorithm.

Pleasing Google’s algorithm will lift your content to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages). Ranking first when a web user searches a relevant set of terms gives your outfit an invaluable edge over your competition.

Invest in communication

Your business website is home base for digital communication with users. It will be the place to highlight all your business has to offer. Check out how this screen printing supply company laid out the variety of products it keeps on hand for interested users to order.

In addition to all the crafty ways you could integrate communication into your website design, you should invest in a proper email function. Set up a regular email presence to keep in touch with people who have provided their address to your digital rolodex.

Though there are an array of software options for mass emailing, one of the most popular partners for small businesses is MailChimp.

Build backlinks

To raise the popularity and competence rating of your domain, you’ll also need to work on building a web of backlinks. Links that lead back to your website’s content indicate that other people find merit in the content your organization produces.

The more backlinks you can add, the more your domain authority rises. A higher domain authority signals that your content is trusted, and that inevitably results in a boosted ranking in the SERPs.

Start a business blog

If your organization does not already have a business blog, you should develop one right away. Creating a business blog gives your organization more opportunities to produce well-crafted, SEO-saturated content for online distribution and promotion.

The more opportunities you can create for web users to “stumble upon” your business, the better.


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