As you work your way through your career, you’re going to hit various business milestones. You can either pass these events by, or you can appreciate them and consider them as reasons to meditate on your professional situation.

A few common business milestones include after you have finished a number of years of service, a personal accomplishment that has helped the company, stock market increases as associated with the value of your work, and vertical movement as you have become better at your job and are assuming more responsibility.

Years of Service

The most visible business milestone is when you have achieved different years of service. You can celebrate when you’ve been at your job for one year, or five, or 10. And then beyond that, you may even receive years of service awards when you hit your 20, 30, or even 50 year marks. At each one of these milestones, what you get from your employer might have more value, or it could be a reason to ask for a raise, or potentially move into a position of greater responsibility within the company.

Personal Accomplishments

Personal accomplishments can be business milestones as well. If you were the project manager of a successful endeavor – that’s a personal accomplishment to be proud of. Really, anything that you can put on your resume that would suggest that you have gone above and beyond what is typical for someone in your position will indicate that it’s an accomplishment note. Sometimes personal accomplishments come with salary raises or bonuses, and other times you are expected to create these successes just as part of what your job is. It all depends on the company that you’re working for, and where their expectations are set.

Stock Market Increases

If you follow the stock market, you understand its basic volatility. However, if you’re part of a company that is publicly traded, then you have more of a vested interest in seeing where the increases and decreases go. Sometimes when you’re hired by a company, you automatically get stock. From this, you the watch the dividends grow as your company improves its visibility and value from the inside out.

Vertical Movement

Finally, there’s the matter of vertical movement. It is always going to be a milestone when you move from one job up to another. If a stock worker becomes a manager, that’s a milestone. If a manager becomes an administrator further up the chain, that’s a milestone. Each one of those sets of movement up the chain of command suggests that a person is taking on more responsibility as they become a more vital part of a company. And it’s not just about money – it’s also about feeling satisfied with upward mobility.


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