One of the more important things to consider when it comes to business meetings is the fact that you always want to create the right environment for the people there. Regardless of what the actual topic is, if you don’t pay attention to the physical surroundings of a presentation, the message being presented can be drastically affected.

So, four things to pay particular attention to with respect to creating the right environment for business meetings will include making sure you have the right conference room, paying close attention to the time involved in the meeting, ensuring that food and drinks are appropriate to the situation, and making absolutely crystal clear that audio is one of the most important aspects of the setup.

The Conference Room

With respect to any kind of business meeting, the right conference room is vital. It has to be the right size, the right shape, have the right types of chairs and tables, and be truly conducive to the underlying message of whatever is being presented. Any sort of outlier from this path to ultimate success is going to sabotage the purpose of the meeting in the first place. If you think about how much detail goes into ensuring that the word choice and graphical representations of meeting topics is done correctly, you don’t want to detract from those details by having the actual meeting in a lousy conference room.

The Time Involved

There is going to be a sweet spot when it comes to how long meetings should be. If you travel too far away from that desired length, you’re going to lose the effectiveness of your message, and people are either going to leave uninformed or bored. Both of those are terrible options, so it’s important that you have someone specifically designated to set the right amount of time for the meeting, and then remind people if it goes over or under this desired amount.

Food and Drinks

Supplying the right food and drinks for the meeting is very important as well. There are always the classic drinks like coffee, tea, and water. And then there are drinks and snacks that are common but probably not necessarily conducive to maintaining people’s attention,  and those are things like sugary or high fat snacks or soda. Anything that brings on too much of a sugar rush or a distraction from the meetings essential points should be avoided, but if people are struggling to stay awake, they should have options where they can get a quick nutritional jolt.

Audio Setup

When it comes to having business meetings, if people can’t hear what the speaker is saying, then everything is for not. That means that you either have to have a conference room set up and people arranged at a table so that the speaker is clearly heard, or you need to make sure that you have a microphone and speakers that are set out in a way that allows the message to be clearly communicated.


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