Simply getting your business website up and running is not the end of your work online.  Your business website should be considered a living, learning, and adapting creature.  Technology is changing and becoming more efficient all the time.  

Your web design should be able to keep pace with the changes in technology to remain relevant to the targeted population.  Take a moment to check out a few elements of a well-designed business website, and see what it takes to stay viable in an ever-changing realm.  

Communication should remain a priority

Communication is one of the most important elements of life and business.  If you cannot learn to communicate with your employees and consumers in general, then you may have an insurmountable challenge ahead.  

Nevertheless, make sure your business website has a well-designed communication page.  Your “Contact Us” page, like this example shows, should provide several different ways for visitors to contact your organization.  

Integrate social media share buttons whenever possible

Social media is a marketing miracle that no business website should do without.  It is 100 percent free to add a social media share button into the design of your site.  From that tiny button, viewers can share their interests on their personal social media profile page.  

In an instant, your website is linked to the infinite social web of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other popular platform.  Quality material will benefit greatly from these simple small additions.  Check out how this website used their social media share buttons.  Scroll down, and look to the left.  

Optimize for mobile access to the site

Mobile access to the internet is now more common than PCs and laptops accessing the internet.  Your business website has to account for this shift in technology, and design your pages to fit a much smaller screen.  

In fact, you should make your design flexible to several different screen sizes.  Your viewers should never have to pinch or swipe their screen to adequately view your website.  

Research and learn everything you can about SEO

The first thing you should research, before you ever get to designing your website, is search engine optimization.  SEO will teach you how visibility works on the internet.  

If you can learn to create a page that looks perfect to the search engines online, then you can place your site in view of millions of web users.  SEO will teach you how to conquer this goal, and land at the top of the SERPs in no time.  

Work to develop a commanding blog presence

Every good business website design includes a “Blog” section.  Your business blog gives you a perfect excuse to create more content.  Putting more content into the infinite mix of the internet gives your website better odds at being found or linked.  


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