Your office is your home away from work, and that means you kind of want to treat it like home. You’d be amazed at the things that are hiding in that office carpet and behind those cabinets. Plus, if your office has any workers in it that suffer from allergies or has asthma, your dingy office could be adding to their sickness.

Your office should get a good cleaning at least once a week. Things that you might only do on a monthly basis in a home may need to be done more often in an office. Why? Because you have higher foot traffic in the office on a daily basis, of course.

Regularly Clean The Floors And Carpets

Make sure that the floors and carpets in your office are getting cleaned often. You don’t need to bring in the carpet shampooer or the floor waxer on a weekly basis, but you do want to vacuum and sweep/mop often. Once a week or even spot cleaning here and there can make a difference.

As a professional business, you may have a cleaning company that comes in a couple nights a week to do all the major cleaning. However, if there is a mess you shouldn’t just leave it for the cleaning crew.

Clean Trash Bins, Don’t Just Empty Them

Don’t just empty the trash from your trash bins and toss in another bag. Even trash cans that have bags in them can still end up with trash outside the bags and they can still get stinky and gross. Ask the cleaners (or just do it yourself) to clean the cans once a week so you can make sure you’re keeping down the amount of strange smells emanating around your business space.

Dust Accumulates Everywhere

If you have a good cleaning company they will likely do their best to get rid of the dust accumulating in your office. However, you may want to check areas behind computers and other easily hidden spots. Dust is kind of gross when you consider what it’s made up of, so you want to make sure it’s getting dealt with regularly.

Workers Can Help Do Their Part

Don’t just leave all the cleaning work for the professional crew, if you have one. Have workers that are accustomed to keeping their own desks clean (which may help cut down on bugs and other pests in your office). They should also empty their own trash cans when they get full, instead of simply letting them overflow expecting someone else to deal with the mess. If you do suspect that your office could have an infestation, looking into pest control brenham (or pest control wherever you are based) is the first thing you should do. Pest control services such as Pest Control Experts and many more are there to help in the case of infestation.

Hire A Good Company

When it comes to hiring a cleaning crew, check them out on the Better Business Bureau website. Get some suggestions from other local business. And don’t be afraid to replace a crew that just isn’t working out with your business cleaning needs.


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