Have you heard about Mobile Device Management (MDM)? If you are responsible for a small business, you really should have.

Essentially, MDM software allows a business or external IT support team to manage and secure an employee’s devices remotely. It doesn’t matter what service provider they are using or what kind of operating system their mobile device uses – you’ll still be able to enhance security and compliance policies, automate updates, install apps, and grant or deny access to your data.

Enhanced security is probably the most compelling advantage. If a device gets stolen, you’ll be able to deny access to any sensitive files within your network. You’ll also be able to wipe all data from a device remotely, so the stolen device won’t be able to compromise your security.

Since all updates are carried out automatically, you can be assured that devices are always as protected as possible. Passwords, blacklists, and other security policies can be managed remotely, and you can backup and restore any data. If the device in question is damaged or an employee accidently deletes important or sensitive data, you won’t have to worry.

One of the main drives towards MDM is the increase in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and working from home. Under a BYOD policy, employees are allowed to use their own devices for work – they find it more comfortable and convenient, and the business gets to save on buying more hardware. Such policies often go hand-in-hand with working from home. By adopting a MDM software policy, you’re able to keep your data secure regardless of where a person is in the world or what kind of device they are using.

One survey conducted a study of MDM effectiveness. They concentrated on security and recorded a significant improvement. They also noticed:

  • 46% increase in workforce productivity
  • 40% increase in backup/disaster recovery
  • 34% greater ability to deploy apps
  • 33% lower management costs

From reduced costs to enhanced security, there are few businesses that shouldn’t think about installing MDM software on company devices.


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