Social media has taken over the world, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat there are a million and one channels which can be used to enhance and grow your business.

The social world is unbelievably influential with some having a career as a social media star with millions of followers watching their every move and buying promoted products.

Having an online presence in this day & age is a no-brainer, the first thing someone will do is Google you, and if you don’t have an up to date, active website, good social feed and a google profile, you can say goodbye to their business.
Certainly, any company cannot afford to lose this many potential buyers just because they lack a digital presence. Apparently, with advancing technology, approaches like SEO, social media management, influencer marketing, etc. tend to bring in the most traffic on a certain page or website. You can still set up your online presence by learning some skills or by taking the help of companies like Digital Marketing Service Pro ( that can set up the entire digital marketing system for you.

If you decide to so it by yourself, here are some of our top tips on how to improve your social media channels in order to grow your business.

Have a Presence on all Channels

Different audiences use different social channels, younger teenagers and adults use Snapchat more frequently than older generations and business leaders use LinkedIn more than those in their early 20’s.

By being active on all channels will widen your audience and potentially tap into a new customer each time. But you do have to regularly update the pages to avoid a stagnant page. Post video content, as it is proven to have better conversion rates. Creating short targeted videos isn’t very difficult anymore with the availability of dynamic video ads solutions provided by Idomoo. Plus, make sure the content in general is creative and catchy.

Connect with Your Audience

Conversating with your audience is so important! Reply to comments, ask questions and reply to messages as quickly as you can. This all aids your persona and improves your online presence. Find the perfect company (similar to for you to help you achieve your target.

Find the Balance

Being popular on social media obviously helps to get your business out there but you need to find the right balance between being a business and being funny or cool.

There is nothing wrong with posting viral memes or videos and having fun on your social channels but always remember why you’re there, to represent your business so that should be your goal at the end of the day.


Social media is a fantastic way to connect with other businesses as well as potential customers. Follow other companies and business, talk to them and encourage your followers to like their page. This will help to build a comradery and they may begin to share your posts and channels too.

Why not see if you can collaborate on a competition say maybe, comment, like their page and like a photo for your chance to win XXX. This will benefit you both and improve relations.

Run Competitions

Social competitions are a perfect way to build your business, everyone likes something for free but this will help to get your name out.

If 20 people, with 500 friends each share your competition with their friends, your reach may exceed 10,000. Don’t be scared to boost your posts, this will cost you but you can target your audience by gender, age likes and this will improve your standing.

Take Advantage of Targeted Ads

If you have something important to say, want to boost your business or have a competition, then boost your posts or page and target a specific group of people.

You can target based on gender, location or interests which will help you to feature on the timelines of those who will be interested in your business.

This will cost you initially but the exposure will be worth it.


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