If you’re looking for your first job, then you may be frustrated by your lack of experience. Since many positions specify wanting employees who already have work experience, you appear to be at a disadvantage. However, don’t be discouraged. There are many options available for first-time job seekers. Here are a few tips you can apply during your job search.

Market Your Experience

Although you may not have experience with paid work, that doesn’t mean you haven’t had any other valuable experiences. From leadership roles in school, to unpaid internships and more, fill your resume with skills that you’ve learned in other settings. Make sure to highlight any skills that involve technology or communication, especially if you’re looking for jobs that require these skills.

Be Open to Entry Level

When you’re getting started in the workplace, start to look for entry level jobs. Getting a higher-up position will probably be possible over time. However, if you don’t have any prior experience, an employer will probably only be interested in you for an entry-level job. One great area that often hires first-time employees is Walmart. Walmart careers are a reasonable option and offer chances for advancement over time.


Building and maintaining a network is a good way to get an “in” with a job or field of work. Connect with people in your desired area of work and mention that you’re looking for a position. Many people are willing to help out someone who’s just starting so don’t be shy to ask for assistance. A personal recommendation can go a long way, so network as much as possible.

Consider Unpaid Work

Depending on your financial situation, you may not be able to work unpaid. However, taking an unpaid internship or volunteer position can add to your experience and even turn into a paid position at some point. Only take positions in a field where you’ll gain valuable experience though. You can also use these positions to grow your network and end up with a paid position.

Embrace Your Position

Although you may see your lack of experience as a disadvantage, this simply means that you are able and willing to learn new skills. Employers often seek out people who are enthusiastic about growing and learning with the company that they can train over time. Instead of having preconceived notions about your field, you’re motivated to learn in your position. Make sure to highlight this ability in your job interviews and applications for a greater chance of being hired.

Identify Skills

When you search for jobs, you’ll often see that they have a list of desired or required skills for the position. Make a list of the major skills you have including computer, technical, research, and others. Apply for jobs that look for most of your skills for a better chance of being hired.

Although not everyone finds it easy to get their first job, you can increase your chances of being hired with these tips. Avoid the frustration of rejection by marketing yourself well and applying to jobs that are open to entry level employees for the best results.


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