If you want to work your way through the business world, you have to learn the language of business. Sometimes that means vocabulary. Sometimes that means slang. Other times it’s more about nonverbal techniques or even unwritten language as associated with terms that are understood between the lines.

Regardless of the context or situation though, it’s all about communication. To this end, a businessman has to learn mortgage terms, stock market phrases, the importance of body language as a communication device, and the right type of words to create a powerful resume. Working through each of those, a business owner or manager should learn to be more competitive in communication situations.

Mortgage Terms

If there is a building involved in your business plan, then there’s a good chance you have to understand mortgage terms. You pay money to buy a building. You pay money to rent a building. If you own buildings, someone else has to pay you the mortgage amount. In all of those cases, it’s important to know the language of mortgages so that you can communicate effectively with buyers, sellers, and any third parties that may be involved.

Stock Market Phrases

When you learn how the stock market works, there will be all sorts of language that you have to absorb it in the process. And even though the general population will probably understand the basics of the stock market without too much additional lingo required, if you read the more in-depth material, you’ll find that you have no idea what it means without studying the word choice. Reading high-end stock magazines or doing in-depth research about stocks in business newspapers will start giving you some language to work with right off the bat, and then you have to dig into descriptions and further analysis from there.

Body Language

And communication isn’t just about word choice, especially in business. You have to know how to utilize body language to your advantage. This doesn’t mean taking an aggressive body posture and trying to intimidate people. Rather, it means that you have to be sensitive to what other people are communicating, and then assert your position not just through words but posture as well.

Creating a Powerful Resume

If you’re looking to get a new and better job, you’ll often start by creating a resume. If you’re trying to get a position in the business world, do you know what words you should choose? It’s a highly stylized, highly concrete position that you’re trying to get if you’re working your way through the business ranks, and that means you have to use the language that indicates you understand the culture. On your resume, if you don’t illustrate your business interests and education, then you’re not going to be seen as competitive.


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