Some prefer the torque and style of a pickup. However, a spouse may not be too keen on the idea unless one could vindicate wanting one, or you may feel like it is not a wise investment. However, a pickup could be useful regarding a full-time job or side hustle. Actually, there is a number of small businesses you can start on a shoestring budget.

Haul Away Waste

Many people would appreciate and even pay large sums of money to have a service haul away unwanted waste. A pickup truck can supplement a haul at a commercial job site or come in handy for those who are partaking in do-it-yourself jobs in their apartments and homes. Have a look at these truck bed covers that you can get to prevent any waste from flying out of the back whilst your driving.

Deliver Supplies

Rather than take away waste, be the one bringing needed supplies to construction, electrical, and other types of projects. Such a service could be especially useful for a foreman who is managing multiple sites. If a site manager is in a pinch and needs supplies in a hurry, a readily available pickup becomes a huge help. Read how much the RAM 1500 pick-up truck can haul.

Help with Moves

Some people don’t require a huge moving van. Others are intimidated to drive oversized trucks while some require added muscle to move large furniture. Use a pickup to assist people with residential moves, and if you can help carry items for an added fee, all the better. Put an ad in the local paper alerting others of your services or experiment with online ads.

Be a Designated Driver

Become your own taxi of sorts by offering to drive people home from the bars who are intoxicated. For an added fee, offer to pick them up the following day when they’re sober and take them to get their car (when applicable). You can market through word of mouth. Before you know it, you could be taking the entire town home and ensuring the safety of others.

Get the News Out

Deliver the paper in your area early in the mornings. If you’re really a hustler, you can pick up more than one route and collect a few hundred dollars or more per month. Some newspapers are actually paying more than one might assume. Since digital paper sales are overshadowing that of traditional print, newspapers are charging a pretty penny for delivery.

Rent Per Hour/Day

Some commercial outfits are in sporadic need of trucks to get supplies, run errands, etc. However, rather than be a part of the process as suggested above, rent your pickup by the hour or day to those in need. Have them sign a rental agreement so you’re legally covered in the event of an accident or damage done to the vehicle.

Start Landscaping

A pickup has plenty of room in the back for landscaping equipment. For those who want to haul a number of tractors, a pickup can be fixed with a tow. A landscaping business can start as a part time and seasonal pursuit and then grow to something bigger as you get more clientele.


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