For financially-minded people, you always want to make more money, and you always want to save as much money as you can as well. Combining those two ideas simultaneously, your budgetary future always looks bright. And this means that you should always focus on saving money and you go on vacations or business trips – not to the point where you have less fun or find less meaning in the journeys, but to the point where it’s practical.

You need to research your hotels in advance, go during the off-season if you can, get package deals whenever possible, and also learn to ask your business for generous stipends. The worst your company can say is ‘no’ you ask for a per diem increase.

Research Your Hotels

Wherever you go for vacation or on a business trip, there are going to be hotels to choose from. Ideally, you want to find the best place that you can for the least amount of money. Staying in hotels can be a pleasant experience, but if you manage to do it on a smaller budget, you feel that additional pleasure of being financially practical as well. The desire to explore luxury does not necessarily necessitate the use of tons of money.

Go During Off-Seasons

If you have any choice in the matter at all, you should always take business trips or vacation journeys during off-seasons. You can save up to 75% off of traditional costs simply by going a month or two early or late. You avoid the tourists. You avoid the hassle of traffic. You get just as much work done. Or, you have just as much fun, but you have more money to spend for the duration of your stay. Traveling during off-season saves a great deal of money no matter which way you slice it.

Get Package Deals

If possible, get package deals on travel. If there’s any way that you can compile food, lodging, transportation, flights, rental cars – you name it, there’s probably some way to get all combined with a single ticket. This looks great to your boss that you can get organized to this degree. Or if it’s for vacation, it means you don’t have to take care of constantly looking into different details about purchases and timing.

Learn To Ask Your Business for Reasonable Stipends

To a degree, you are the master of your own destiny when it comes to asking your boss or your company for per diem on a business trip. They may have some initial amount that they offer to a person in your position, but if you don’t think it’s reasonable, ask them to step up the number. The more money that you get from your boss, the less money you have spent of your own. Either way, you should try to be financially conscious, but one way it goes on the company tab, and the other way it comes straight from your bank account.


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