While it may not be as flashy as New York or London, the city of Wellington, New Zealand is one of the best places to start a business. No, really. The country was recently voted the number one spot in the world for entrepreneurs.

Despite its relatively small population, Wellington thrives on innovation. It is a highly ambitious region, with many talented people, and lots of great ideas. It is also home to some impeccable serviced offices, with fully furnished interiors. They are ideal for investors with big ambitions.

This article will explain the key features of serviced offices and why you might need one. You can also visit to find out more.

What Is Special about Serviced Offices? 

The serviced office is much like any corporate lease. Tenants pay to rent a private space, and they can use it in whatever way they see fit. The unique part is the fact that serviced suites are ready made. From day one, they are up and running, ready to be launched.

They are offered as complete packages. In other words, tenants get everything they could ever need to run a company, and it’s included in the monthly fee. Think key logistical expenses like lighting, heating, and cleaning. Many serviced vendors also provide high-speed broadband as standard.

The Big Benefits of Going Serviced 

Increased Flexibility 

One of the most common reasons for going serviced is a desire for flexibility. During the first few years of life, things can be turbulent for young businesses. Sometimes, survival depends on the ability to grow and change along with the market. The problem is that private, long hold leases make this a difficult thing to achieve.

Serviced offices, on the other hand, are rented on a rolling basis. It means contracts are deliberately kept open-ended, in order to allow tenants plenty of breathing room. There are no penalties for early termination, so leaving isn’t a daunting prospect. If your needs suddenly change, at least relocating won’t add to the pressure.

Customised Terms 

Similarly, serviced tenants are encouraged to take an active role in their lease. They are free to build custom terms by removing resources that aren’t valuable and adding more of the essentials. It’s a great way to ensure money isn’t wasted on redundant charges.

There is a broad selection of tools to choose from, including receptionist services, mailboxes, web development, conference rooms, and more. Many of these features are included in the monthly rate. Only a few – usually conference spaces – require a one-off fee for private use.

Impressive Locations 

It’s also worth mentioning the location of serviced facilities. Premium providers only offer suites in top spots. In Wellington, this means addresses close to major retail districts and around other iconic, international brands. The goal is to make your business look superb on paper.

While it might seem superficial, investors love companies that look the part. They want to know you’re able to compete with the big market players. Little do they realise you’re getting the flashy reputation for a very manageable price. This is what serviced offices can do for you.

Why Serviced Solutions Are Your Ticket to Success 

In a world that changes faster than ever before, agility and adaptability are everything. For smaller companies, in particular, being able to take advantage of boom times is vital. Your big break could come at any time. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a rigid lease with no chance of adventure.


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