You don’t need to have a million dollar budget to start attracting more customers.  It’s often as simple as knowing the best tips to increase your visibility.

By using the right promotional methods strategically, you can manage to keep your costs low and in some cases, even free!  

If you’re ready to start seeing rapid growth for your business, look no further than these methods.

Advertise On Your Car

Chances are that you do a lot of driving as a business owner.  Whether you’re headed to buy more supplies or merely doing your morning commute to the office, it’s an excellent opportunity to be seen!

Adding decals to your car which include your slogan and your logo can boost your visibility significantly.  You never know when someone may have been looking for just the type of services that you offer.  

When people are stuck in traffic their eyes are automatically drawn to words and colors, so use this to your advantage during rush hour!

Social Media Giveaway

Social media isn’t just for college kids anymore! With hundreds of millions of users on Instagram alone, it’s become a must for a company hoping to flourish.  

If you’re ready to boost your followers and turn them into loyal customers, consider having a giveaway.  Offer a specific product or service by asking your followers to tag their friends and follow your page.

The nice thing about a giveaway is that it has the potential to be completely cost-free if it’s already something you have laying around.

Offer a Coupon

Teaming up with local coupon books, or discount sites like Groupon is a great way to bring in more foot traffic.  Other forms of offering your coupon could be by direct mail, email, or even handing it out in the street.

People love a good deal, so if you’re ready to bring in more business give the people what they ask for!

A coupon shouldn’t just be motivation to purchase your product or services, but the purpose is also to draw people’s attention towards your brand.

Sponsor Local Events

If you live in a community which has local baseball games, charity events, or any sort of public gathering which is looking for sponsors, jump on the opportunity!

Having your name attached to a popular event is fantastic marketing.  You’ll be seen as a company acting out with goodwill while also increasing your visibility to a greater audience.

If your brand is listed next to other brands which are known for being profitable and successful, your reputation will boost by association.  When you’re involved with something that many people are attending, you’re drawing a significant amount of attention from new potential customers.


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