The internet is both changing the way that existing industries work and spawning entirely new ones. No matter what level you are at professionally, it’s never too early to move into a new industry, providing you have the right skills and experience. These are the online industries to watch and get involved with if you can.


Success stories such as Amazon and ASOS should be inspirations for you to get involved. Statistics show that e-commerce sales will continue to grow through 2021. The internet and smartphones have changed how we shop, and as some physical shops die out in the face of online competition, it’s important to see what works and what doesn’t. E-commerce sector growth will create growth in other sectors, including delivery technology. 

Cyber security 

Just like in the Cold War, there is an arms race, and it’s great news for those developing the defenses. Hacking and data breaches have become a staple for news outlets, which has fueled greater investment in the cyber security sector. Companies do not want to be on the receiving end of a data breach, and as a result, the cyber security sector is booming. It is predicted that cyber security spending will exceed $1tn from 2017 to 2021. 

Online gaming 

The games industry as a whole is enormous and growing. The worldwide market is projected to grow from roughly $1.72tn in 2015 to $2.2tn by 2021. Online gaming, which includes social media, multiplayer games, mobile gaming and browser gaming, is a large part of this – if you’ve ever played Fortnite or won some money in an online casino, then you have contributed to this industry. The games industry employs workers of all kinds, including programmers, artists, project leads and journalists. 

Social media 

While Twitter and Snapchat may be floundering a bit, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all growing and developing. Global revenue from social media was $14.2bn in 2013 and is projected to rise to $39bn by 2019. Social media defines our times, and it has an enormous impact on our lives and how we live them. Influencers are making millions on social media through sponsorships and content. Brand awareness and digital marketing skills will get you far on social media, but technical qualifications in analytics and programming can get you into the supply side of the industry. 


Bitcoin was the big name in 2017, but in 2018 there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies from which to choose. Ether, Litecoin and Ripple are all valid options for investments. However, even outside of investment, which, as we saw in 2017, isn’t exactly a risk-free way of spending your money, the industry is one to watch. The industry needs Blockchain researchers, journalists and Python developers and more. 


There are other industries to watch, but these are some that are really exciting to get involved with at the moment, as a business, investor or employee. Who knows what the future will bring? However, these are the ones that are growing at the moment.


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