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Whether you are buying a box of exquisite caramel candy and packing it with some wine or getting a gift certificate for all the important clients, there are certain rules of corporate gifting that everyone must adhere to. To make sure that your gifts are a success with your clients, here is a list of things that you should keep in mind from the start.

Check and Verify the Gifting Policies

Most companies usually have at least a few gifting guidelines and unless you want your gift to be returned because it breaks one of the rules, check the restrictions before buying anything. Some companies do not allow gifting at all, while others may restrict the maximum monetary value of the gift. It is up to you to work within the guidelines and find the best possible gift at the same time.

Quality above Everything Else

While this pretty much applies to any gifting scenario, it is of particular importance that whatever you gift to your clients or other businesses is of good quality. The objective of giving a business gift is to maintain good relationships and be remembered in a fond manner, so if your gift inspires a sense of cheapness, that’s how they are going to remember you too. In fact, it is a better idea to send just a sincere, handwritten card if you are strapped on a budget, than sending over something that you know is not going to land a good impression.

Do Not Ignore the Wrapping

Impressing is the objective here and a beautifully wrapped gift will always impress your clients more than something that hardly looks like it was wrapped with the attention it deserved. Get it wrapped professionally because most people neither have the time or the skills necessary to wrap a gift with precision.

The Delivery

Make a note of the most important people on your gift list and consider the idea of delivering your gifts personally to them. Not only will it show them how important they are to you and your business, it will likely put you on top of their mind as well. Even if you can’t make it personally, a phone call and a handwritten card with a personal message can do the trick as well.

The Perfect Gift

Finding a perfect gift for that all-important customer without leaving the professional zone is a hard one and your chances of success will depend largely on how well you know them personally. If you have a strong relationship with them, maybe you could even cross the professional border and make the gift something personal and important to the person in question.

That’s about it when it comes to the dos and don’ts of corporate gifting, so you should be ready to choose the perfect gift now. Whatever you decide to buy though, just make sure that you are taking advantage of the $25 per person IRS tax deduction rule for companies.


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