All of us know someone who either has an addiction problem has a friend or family member with one. How many times have you wished you could do more? Just being an encouragement to someone who is trying to beat addiction is great, but how could you do more?

With the want to and resources, you could open your own rehabilitation center. There is a great demand for them, especially in rural communities. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Write Up Your Plan

Have you ever taken a family on vacation without a plan of action or a schedule? It’s chaos! Know one knows where they are going or what they are doing. You and your spouse get frustrated trying to decide what to do, the kids are screaming where they want to go and what they want to do in the background, and your vacation becomes a mess. Without a business plan, so will your center.

Do The Research

There are many laws governing the world of business. Laws concerning how to raise funds, building your center to code, if you choose to do that, and laws governing who you can employ are of the utmost importance in a business such as this. You also need to make sure you know your customers. Know about the addictions they are dealing with.

Educate yourself on the withdrawal process and the emotional rollercoaster the families involved have to deal with. Know the science of addiction and what kinds of situations lead to it. Research the old ways of helping addicts. Find out what worked and what didn’t. Then, read up on the newer methods, as well. Know your craft.

Start Marketing

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and done all your shopping only to get to the cash register and find you don’t have enough money or that you left your wallet at home? Embarrassing isn’t it? Starting a rehabilitation center takes money. To keep it open will take more. Start marketing now while you are in the building process. Network.

Start talking to other centers, hospitals, correctional facilities, and schools. Allow people to know you are coming to help, where you will be located, and about the services you will offer. So, when your doors finally open, people are well aware of the help that is, hopefully, much closer and more affordable than the rest.

One more thing here. Make sure your quality backs up your words. This is the only way, your center will be able to continue is business and in helping people get free from addiction.

Building a rehabilitation center is a great task, but you could help so many people. Make sure to return here for guidance and God speed.



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