Succeeding in business is so much more than offering a great product. It’s more than great service, and it’s more than good management. Those traits are absolutely necessary, of course, but they will all mean nothing if you cannot first get customers into your door or to your online site. Bringing in a healthy enough income that will allow you to expand your business’ reach and operations is your goal, and by following these top marketing tips you can achieve it:

Create an Online Persona and Stick with It

The best way to create a long lasting relationship with your audience is by creating an online persona. This is the voice you use to talk to your customers, and it should be adopted by everyone who has access and manages your social media and content creation. In most cases, this persona will be a tone of voice that you use. Some companies benefit from humor, others from “real talk” and some from bubbly, happy language. Choose the right tone and persona for your brand and stick with it. Just as users can become familiar with their friends and acquaintances, so too can they become familiar with a brand – so long as it remains consistent.

Offer a Seamless Digital Experience

If you want a sale, you need to make it the easiest thing in the world to do. If a customer sees a product on your Instagram feed, then they need to be able to visit that product’s page in a few clicks. If your business has a large enough audience, you can tag it right into the post itself. Otherwise, use your link to your advantage. There are apps out there that allow you to recreate your feed, only this time with links on the posts. This way, you can recreate the same effect before you get approved for Instagram. 

Work on White Hat SEO

The next step is to start working on your search engine ranking. This will be done primarily through some form of content marketing. Even real-life events can improve your SEO ranking if enough bloggers and news agencies write about it. To really boost your ranking, and to bring in people who are searching for brands just like you, you will need to rely on link building services. You cannot rely on just any agency, however. You need one that is proven to adhere to Google’s guidelines and provide you with a strong backlink profile. White label link building can boost your ranking and allow you to expand your reach organically.

Use Mixed Media Advertising

Mixed media advertising approaches should never be considered independent of one another. Something you do in life can and should be written about online to boost your reputation, reach, and ranking. Content you create online should help someone in their daily life, and so on. By approaching your content with this triple strategy approach, you can make it work for you and grow your business in real ways.

There are two steps to expanding your business; one, bringing in more income, and two, reinvesting that income to support further growth. Most businesses out there need to expand in order to succeed and adapt to future changes and trends, and by following these tips, you can make the advertising portion simpler.


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