One unique way that you can get some practice with business-style decisions is if you treat your home like it’s a company. That may sound a little abstract right off the bat, but the more you think about it, the more you can incorporate business motivations in how you operate your household.

If you think in terms of renovations, rules and regulations, being ready for company to come over, and the overall concept of income versus expense, you begin to see where some of the benefits of a business focus might apply to your particular household. Going over each of these thoughts with other family members can improve your home communication experience as well.


As a concrete example, when you renovate your home, it increases the value. In business, if you go through upgrades and improvements, your business becomes more valuable as well. There is a direct correlation between how much money, time, and effort you put into your business model as there is when you put those similar energies into your household. So basically you can practice positive business decisions by doing things like renovating your home and seeing the increase in value that follows.

Rules and Regulations

Every business needs rules and regulations. When consistent processes are followed, good things happen. More money is made. Clients understand what is going on more clearly. The sense of anxiety and chaos dissipates. Having rules and regulations at home will do the same thing. Have everyone wash the dishes immediately after a meal. Create a rule where no one watches TV after 9 PM in a shared space. Rules like that create a healthier environment because everyone knows what to expect! The same general concepts apply to business.

Ready For Company

If you run a business, you make sure that if a potential client comes in the door, your best foot is forward. Why not do the same thing at your home? Have it so that any visitor that comes in is automatically impressed with the setup. It can be easy to get lazy about your home and let overall appearances and curb appeal lose their positive sharp edges. By running your household like a business, you take this into account on a daily basis.

Income Vs. Expense

The bottom line of a business is income versus expense. The money that you make has to be more than what you spend to succeed. You can adjust some of the parameters with your household, and turn it into an equation where the more energy that you devote to creating a positive environment, the more you get out of it in terms of standard of living. Especially if this becomes a group family effort, you’ll notice that every month your home becomes a better place to live.



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