Designing your business website is only the beginning of your online operations when you run any type of organization.  To keep your website up to date, you must constantly stay informed on user trends and search engine algorithms.

To keep your website relevant, you have to invest your time and energy in visibility.  Marketing your organization’s digital existence doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Take some time to learn a few easy ways to market your business website using the power of the internet.  

Outsource your website marketing

Depending on your liquid resources available, you may want to simply hire someone else to do the job of marketing your business website.  There may not be enough time in the day for you or any of your professionals to invest in marketing your website.

Luckily, there are plenty of other online organizations that specialize in boosting your website’s visibility.  Try outsourcing your marketing efforts, and reap the benefits of the change.  

Integrate social media into your business plan

Social media is an invaluable platform for business marketing.  Millions of users engage in the interactive social media scene every day, and your website should be a part of that engagement.  

In regards to your website design, integrate social media share buttons all throughout the content.  Whenever something seems “shareable” there should be a share button. Use people’s insatiable need to be social, and reap the benefits of free marketing.  

Invest in a great business blogger

Whether it is attached to your website, or not, you need a business blog to further enhance your online presence as an organization.  It is best to actually pay someone to write this business blog, because you cannot succeed without a well-written compilation of engaging, enriching articles.  

The goal is to drum up a community of loyal readers.  Your readers will be your outsourcing tool for marketing your organization’s online presence.  

Email marketing is effective

Utilize your business website to gather up a roster of email addresses from interested web users.  Work a reward into your design for web users that choose to share their email address. For example, send out an exclusive coupon option for users willing to share their information.  

Encourage communication whenever possible

Communication is the vessel for boosting your online visibility.  Your website should be slathered in beautiful appeals for user interaction and communication.  

In addition to your standard “Contact Us” page, you should add phone numbers and contact forms, adorned with attractive calls to action all throughout your design.  Whenever there is room to converse, reach out to your online community.  

Being responsive and interactive with your digital viewers is the best way to keep them coming back for years to come.  


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