Since this is a blog which is focussed more on the business side of making money as opposed to earning your money as an employee, this particular post will perhaps be valuable to the typical employee in that it’s put together from an “insider’s” point of view – from the point of view of an employer who was once an employee. And the topic today is that of exercising your rights as an employee – something which many employees unfortunately don’t seem to be doing for a number of reasons.

Fighting for what’s due to you

Make no mistake about it – it’s perhaps not unlike just about every other area of one’s life. Getting what’s rightfully due to you in terms of your rights as an employee is indeed a fight, for some reason which perhaps forms part of the darker side of capitalism. If you don’t fight for what’s supposedly rightfully yours, you simply won’t get it and in fact the little that you do have will also be wrestled away from you if you don’t work to protect it.

Think about it – when you have a mountain of work to get through just because your boss asked you to take on a bit more than you usually do, do you get paid overtime for that? Sometimes it’s only a matter of just standing your ground and letting it be known that you’re not happy about a certain situation such as that of not getting paid more for taking on extra work. Now I totally understand just how tricky this can be because on the one hand you don’t want to alienate the very people who oversee your income channels – your livelihood. There is a however a line which must be drawn.

Depending on your particular relationship with your employers, sometimes it’s as simple as perhaps jokingly asking if you’re going to get paid for the extra work you do. This can result in one of two things if it works out positively, one being your boss actually realising that they should perhaps give you a raise, and two – your boss hesitating to come to you with some extra work they need to be done because they know that you won’t be happy about it.

Maintain your professionalism

To reiterate, you’ll probably have to fight for anything which was indicated to be inherently due to you, which is why legal specialists such as personal injury attorneys exist, the most competent of whom don’t even charge consultation fees, but rather charge a fixed percentage of the compensation you get. This only serves to demonstrate just how confident they are that they’ll win any case they take on, but this only serves to indicate that employees are often missing out on a whole lot more of what they legally deserve simply because they’re not aware of just how to fight for what’s rightfully theirs.

The one important thing to remember always when you’re challenging authority in the form of your employers however is to maintain your professionalism. If you consistently deliver professional work which nobody can fault, your legal bases are covered should the employer want to retaliate in any way to your efforts of merely fighting for your employee rights.


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