Hire the Right Team

Hiring the right team is the first step towards building a productive workforce. This starts with an interview followed by a personality and strengths assessment (visit https://tilt365.com/Products/Team-Assessments to see an example) to understand how the team normally operates and how it responds to stressful situations.

When the rest of your team are surrounded by good employees who are hardworking, positive, and helpful then that will naturally encourage others to do the same and will create a good team spirit.

It’s also important to root out the bad employees who don’t pull their weight, are constantly late, or are disruptive to the workforce. One of the ways to screen undesirables from the productive flock is to have them undergo a 14 panel drug test during the hiring process or intermittently during the course of employment. Another way is conducting employee assessments every 6 months. Having a workforce that doesn’t get complacent would ensure continuing productivity.

Praise When Due

Having an engagement strategy in place is key to keep your employees on board and getting the best work out of them as they feel more valued.

Being motivational, giving positive feedback and discussing their work is all vital in improving their confidence, this can be based on a single piece of work, during a busy time or in regular reviews. This furthermore helps towards their development which of course boosts their productivity.

Give Responsibility

Giving employees responsibilities is the best way to improve their induvial progress and in turn, will help them to work harder within the company.

This is also a great way to see what your employees strengths and weaknesses are, from there you can help them to improve and build upon certain skills.

Offer Incentives

You may not like to think so, but taking the time to ask yourself “what are employee benefits” and implementing any employee incentives for your staff to work toward in order to reach their targets actually works.

Monetary incentives can work but if this is done wrong, you may end up shelling out a fortune which may be counter-productive. Instead, why not offer something more feasible such as holidays, small incentives (you can purchase bulk gift cards beforehand for this), company-related rewards, or outside rewards. Just make sure that the targets are achievable and employees can actually reap them.

Take a Look at Yourself

A good workforce is run by a good boss, so take it upon yourself to be one.

Some may find it harder than others to lead but this is a learning curve you need to perfect in order to maximise your workforce and business.

Being fair, approachable, give feedback, get to know your employees and work fearlessly to bring the team together as one.

Offer Opportunities

If an employee knows that there are development and career opportunities with you and your company then they have something to aim towards, a reason to work hard and a loyalty.

This secure environment is invaluable in motivating your employees so make sure this is outlines from the moment you hire new employees and don’t fall short on any promises you make.

They say a company is only as good as its employees so it’s imperative you get it right.

Happy employees make for the most productive workforce so it really is worth investing resource and time into making their working lives better.


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