Look, we must not make any mistakes about it – money definitely opens up a whole lot of doors to people who might otherwise not even be alerted to the mere existence of those doors. To put it bluntly, money can buy pretty much anything if you know exactly where and how to shop for that “anything” you’re looking for, including citizenship.

Okay, so this doesn’t mean you can jump on a plane and then land in some country with two suitcases full of cash, drop in on the immigration office and order your passport for your new country. How it actually happens in reality is a little more subtle than that, but yes, there are indeed some countries in this world which effectively sell the citizenship that comes with owning that country’s passport. This brings me to the first channel through which citizenship is for sale, which is the direct channel.

Citizenship by investment

If you’re serious about effectively buying citizenship in this way then you won’t have too much of a hard time finding out exactly which countries offer this programme. No, you won’t have a hard time at all, but I’ll mention a couple just to set you along your way, including the likes of Caribbean nations such as Saint Kitts & Nevis as well as Dominica.

Across the Atlantic there are European countries such as Cyprus and Malta which have a direct citizenship by investment programme, but basically this means that you have to invest your money into that country’s economy in exchange for full status as a citizen. Naturally this is for high net worth individuals, which brings into focus again just how money can literally buy you something which is considered to be a birthright for people who were born in that country.

It gets even better though because in many respects this required investment into the economy could very well be the purchase of something like the house in which you will live, an asset which in itself can be used to generate cash flow through renting it out.

Indirect citizenship by investment

The immigration department of any country which effectively determines whether or not someone is eligible to reside on more of a permanent basis really only comes down to money matters. Well, that and perhaps one’s character (in relation to criminal activities).

Basically all the parameters set forth for anyone wanting to relocate to a new country on a permanent basis eventually work their back to monetary issues, as is astutely pointed out by the information coming out of the Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C. who have dealt quite successfully with countless immigration cases. It’s a simple as this really – in the time which you spend in a specific country you eventually want to become a citizen of, you have to prove to be an asset to the economy and not a liability. The time which passes by in the meantime, eventually making you eligible to apply for naturalisation is a peripheral matter which largely depends on your financial ability.


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