We all like a little bit of extra cash and in this modern world, there are a thousand ways to make some extra money on weekends, after work and so on.

The great thing about the majority of these ways to make money is that you can dedicate as much time to them as you want.

Read more about how you can make some extra money in your spare time.

Become a Taxi Driver

Becoming a taxi driver in your spare time is a great way of making some extra money each month. From organisations such as Uber and Lyft to local taxi firms and becoming a black cab driver.

Working for yourself means that you can pick and choose your hours, go home whenever feel like and it’s cash in hand.

Make Crafts & Sell Them Online

If you have a talent such as porcelain painting, drawing or customising jeans, have you considered selling your creations?

The creative world is booming right now and everyone wants something unique and handmade, if you have a fantastic talent then exploit and see if others will pay you for it.

Sell Your Photos


Are you a budding photographer or just enjoy taking photos in your spare time?

Have you considered selling your photos online? From beautiful landscape shots which people may want to frame to stock-like images, companies could use in mass? It can be a nice little earner for something you enjoy doing anyway. If you’re really good, why not simply become a part-time photographer doing weddings, parties or food photographs.


Hire Your Belongings

If you’ve got some good quality photography kit, makeup or the latest games consoles and games then you could have a nice little earner on your hands.

The site, Rentmyitems allows you to post any items online, specify a cost, timescale and t&c’s, then just wait for the bookings to come in.

You are protected and do have rights so you can rent your belongings with ease.

Rent Out Your Room or Garden

You’d be surprised at the amount of people who long for a garden to grow their own veggies or those who are looking to rent a spare room.

If you’re lucky enough to have either of these two things, then you may be able to make a nice tidy living.


Advertise Your Skills on Fiverrr

Think you’re a good writer, happy to proofread or are you really good at accents?

Fiverr is a great site where you can advertise and rent your skills to individuals and companies. From doing voice overs to writing reviews or guest posts, Fiverr hosts all the skills you could ever think of. Plus, despite the name, you can charge more than a fiver for your services.

Become an Extra

If you’ve ever dreamed of working next to some of Hollywood’s greatest stars than this might be the part-time job of your dreams.

You can specify the time and days of the week you’re looking to work so this really is flexible to your needs. You may find you’re hanging around a lot and not doing much acting whatsoever but it’s a great little earner and is a fantastic way to meet new people and make good contacts.

Start a Blog

Do you travel a lot? Have a huge passion or just like writing? Then why not start your own blog?

It may take a little while to stat earning some decent money from it, but when it does it can add up quickly.

More and more people are blogging as a full-time job, from sponsorship deals to advertising and guest posts, if you have the time then blogging is a great way to earn money in your spare time.

Become a Tutor

School children, college students and university goers all need a little help sometimes so if you’re particularly good at a certain subject, then why not earn some extra cash by becoming a tutor?

You can do this privately or through a company who will be able to sort all the legal things such as a CRB check and so on and match you with an individual.

How are you making some extra money in your spare time? Let us know by getting in touch, we’d love to share your tips with our readers.



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