Parties are a creative way of improving workplace morale, forging stronger bonds between colleagues, and building a sense of company pride. However, all of these benefits depend on the party being enjoyable for those in attendance. 

If the party isn’t fun or enjoyable, and people are left wishing they had just gone home to chill out in front of the TV, they can do the exact opposite, lowering morale and creating disenchantment and disillusionment with the company.

This is why it is essential, if you are growing to throw an office party, it has to be awesome, memorable, and truly one-of-a-kind.

Find the Right Time 

The timing of an office party is crucial for getting people to attend. It absolutely must not be organized while employees are rushing to meet end-of-year deadlines. Often, companies hold large parties in early January, after the Christmas rush has died down, but before the mayhem of the new year is in full swing.

You may also want to check the calendars of the company leadership to ensure they can attend. Seeing important figures in the company at the party will improve morale by showing the leadership are not out of touch or inaccessible.

Give Plenty of Notice 

Once you have the date, get the invitation emails out early. A lot of people might be planning annual leave, and ensuring you inform employees at the earliest possibility will mean more people can attend.

Decorate if You Are Staying in the Office

 If you are staying in the office and aren’t hiring a venue specifically for the occasion, be sure to put some effort into decorating. Trying to celebrate in the same space where people work can mean people are unable to forget about the stresses of office life. By decorating a little, it will help create a different environment and detach people from their daily workload.

Get Food for Everyone 

If you are organizing food, and you should be, make sure you get something everyone can eat. Often, employees have particular dietary restrictions, and these need to be addressed and considered when you are making the food arrangements. A quick email asking for people to list any special dietary restrictions should provide you with all the information you need to work with caterers to ensure there is something for everyone.

Serve Tasty Drinks 

It is a party, so people will be expecting booze. Alcohol is an important aspect of any party, but it becomes particularly important in a work environment because it helps people relax and build stronger relationships.

One way of making your party different is by making themed drinks or serving unique and interesting cocktails. For drinks ideas, head to Caesar drink recipes and explore a variety of cocktails and how to make them.

Provide Entertainment 

One way to take the edge off is by providing novel entertainment. This provides something memorable that people will take away from your party, but also a distraction from socializing for introverted guests.

A large game of human chess or a selection of retro arcade machines is a couple of ways you can inject some flair into the party and create a moment that people will remember.

Collect Feedback 

The only way to ensure your parties get better each year is by collecting feedback. After a party, spend some time to gather feedback and thoughts from guests to get some direction on where the party should go the following year.


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