At the risk of throwing yet another spanner in the works and further ruffling the feathers of those who have chosen to pursue the life of entrepreneurship over slaving away within the parameters of the typical nine-to-five setting, the message remains this: it’s HARD! None of this stuff is easy, but we only seek to point this out so as to prepare you for the reality that’s to follow. As an entrepreneur, nobody has your back but yourself. You have to get your own back and here’s how and why:

Competition or Jealousy

One of the things you need to be clear about as an entrepreneur is that you’ll probably encounter two types of people in the market, those who are in direct competition with you and those who are jealous of you in some way or the other. I mean it’s all good and well hitting up networking sessions and the likes and meeting up with fellow entrepreneurs who are also in the same struggle you’re in, but if the veil was to be lifted completely then what is revealed is the cold hard reality that nobody really wants you to do better than they are doing. This is only because of the common fallacy doing the rounds that in order for you to have more food on your table you will have had to take some of that away from someone else’s table.

It’s exactly that though – a fallacy, but unfortunately it’s one fallacy which remains in place and one which keeps getting perpetuated.

So you need to be smart about what you say to whom. Is a bank going to fund your business idea if it’s going to eat into their market, for example? No, so don’t go to a bank looking for funding in a sector that is in direct competition with their existing business.

Sorting YOURSELF out

I have to reiterate – it’s HARD being an entrepreneur. You’ll be in so many situations where you cannot help but ask yourself if you’re not perhaps intentionally being led on a wild goose chase since “the system” just doesn’t seem to be designed with the entrepreneur in mind. “We have plenty of opportunities for you as an entrepreneur” is something you’ll often hear, only to find that there are certain administrative requirements of you which you otherwise don’t have any way of providing for. Something as simple as a pay check stub is taken for granted as something everybody can just access by asking for it from their employer, but what about you as an entrepreneur? After all, you are the employer…

This is where tools such as a Check Stub Maker come into focus as very important utilities that should form part of every entrepreneur’s arsenal as this is very big gun fight you’re going to be constantly subjected to. Basically it’s a figure-it-out while you go along journey, the difficulty of which is aggravated by the fact that you’ll learn to have to do things yourself. You have to learn to sort yourself out.


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