There isn’t anything wrong with a change of scenery; it keeps things fresh. There’s also little question that people are multi-faceted. There’s a good chance you and your customers each, respectively, have wide-ranging interests. However, this shouldn’t be a dominant thought when it comes to serving the customer. Here’s why you should keep their experience as simple and consistent as possible.

Creating an Optimal Experience for Everyone 

Some businesses throw the kitchen sink at their audience. The problem is, in doing so, they’re destroying the very idea of an audience – you’re turning off as many people as you turn on.

One moment a businesses’ theme is excitable, ready to share lots of information, eager to please. The next, they’re a little cryptic, giving off a feeling of exclusivity, with minimal actual product presence.

Or perhaps, their overall messaging is knowledgeable and friendly. However, their customer service staff is poorly trained or ill-informed, with a tendency to pass customers off to the next representative. 

The truth is, customers only want you to do one thing for them, regardless of who they are: make it easy to buy from you. We see this with retailers who give customers multiple channels through which to purchase, manage orders, and resolve issues. Whatever the customer’s specific needs are, they run straight into the arms of that company, knowing it’ll be handled.

Being the Same Makes You Different

We see businesses who use a digital and integrated marketing service to achieve similar results to that retailer described above. No matter where or how they pick up that customer, each one has the expectations they gleaned from the cohesive messaging.

Since that was your strategy, and it’s applied across the board, you automatically know what the customer is expecting.

This sounds easy enough to grasp, but too many businesses don’t do it. Concepts like branding will apply to labels, inventory type, and web design, but not to social media marketing, customer service, or research and development.

Consistent messaging across every single department is what builds your business into something trustworthy to the customer. For some, it begs the question – isn’t that pretty boring?

No. Consistency in customer experience is how your business makes room to grow into something wholly individual. Once you have earned the customer’s trust, you’re starting to build real brand recognition, which reinforces the bond and attracts more people to it. These are the people that will be excited when you do expand or evolve.

What if your strategy doesn’t work? In that case, the problem isn’t that you were too consistent, it’s that the message isn’t what people want. You wouldn’t know this as quickly and as certainly if you hadn’t rolled it out across the board.

It’s high time we brought our core messages and principles out in front, so that they don’t only exist on our websites. By ensuring that all communications, marketing efforts, and planning includes your signature, clear-cut identity, you’re gaining the trust – and capital – you need to expand into other markets.


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