You might currently be asking yourself a series of marketing-related questions, such as: How can I make my business more noticed? How can I rank higher on search engines? Between SEO and PPC, which could benefit my business the most?

This handy guide to the advantages and disadvantages of SEO and PPC will definitely help you decide.


SEO – also known as Search Engine Optimization – can be a great way of improving your ratings on search engines. However, it can be quite a time-consuming process, even if it is often more cost-effective than PPC.

Some of the advantages of SEO include:

  • Awareness of your business

With SEO, your visibility in search engines is greatly improved. This means that your business is one of the first to be found by your potential customers and, therefore, they are more likely to purchase products from your company than rival businesses with lower SEO.

  • Increasing your credibility

By creating your site based on organic search results, your overall credibility and trust from your customers can be greatly increased. This is because it can be argued that many users trust organic results over paid ads, which are often skipped past quickly.

  • Lowering your costs

In comparison to PPC, the cost of creating better SEO is definitely cheaper, as you do not have to pay per click. Though crafting good SEO also involves time and effort, you could save your business a lot of both if you utilize digital marketing services from a third-party company.

  • SEO Strategies

By creating organic SEO, your competitors cannot simply buy past your organic results with PPC. The long and laborious process of creating organic SEO means that you will always have a strategic advantage over your competitors.


PPC – also known as pay per click – is a very easy way of increasing the visibility of your site. However, it can be quite a costly process which must be kept up with, unlike organic SEO results.

The advantages of PPC include:

  • The positioning of your site

Compared to SEO, PPC can dramatically change the positioning of your site on your search engine. The paid ad results usually lie at the top of the search engine, although some individuals may scroll straight past them.

  • Visibility of your brand

With the aid of PPC, the visibility of your brand can improve quite significantly. You can achieve this through visual product ads which promote your product through images, while PPC can also help you to get your specific ads seen by your specific customer base.

  • Efficient and quick

Although SEO is a very good long-term investment, initially, PPC can immediately create results for your business. By using PPC, you can get it set up within days and it can be set up and fully working within the first few weeks, whereas SEO can take a few weeks – or even a few months – to show the results of its work.

  • Stability of your optimization

PPC can create a consistent way of promoting your business, unlike SEO, which can be quite sporadic depending on what organic results can be produced.


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