Instagram gained more popularity among businessmen after Facebook acquired it because more business friendly features were added to the visually-driven app. While most business owners have been successful in creating a popular brand through posting well-crafted captions and sharp images on Instagram, many have hit the rocks by being excessively self-promotional. There’s a large audience that can be reached on Instagram when the app is leveraged properly. When it comes to making your brand popular on social media, it is all about having a huge following.

If you want to reach a larger audience and boost your social engagement, you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors and make your visual marketing more appealing. Here are simple hacks that can help you attract new followers and create a popular brand on Instagram:

  • Focus on your brand

You can only attract followers if you have a clear and unique focus. While you should be conscious about being too promotional, your posts must not be generic. They should all relate to what your brand stands for. Provide your audience with content that match the goal and purpose of your brand.

  • Post great content that will appeal to your audience

Take away content and there will be no social media. To create the kind of content that your audience will love, you have to first make a research to find out what works for your target audience. You can check out the accounts of your competitors to see the kind of content their audience love, then use that knowledge to create something similar.  On Instagram, picture quality and design matters a lot.

  • Post regularly

It’s important that you post interesting content on a regular basis if you want to get more followers. You can post at least twice a day. Photos are not difficult to produce compared to other types of content and lucky enough, Instagram is more picture-centred.

  • Use hashtags wisely

Don’t cluster every posts you make with hashtags, use them intelligently. Hashtags should be interesting and relevant. Look for hashtags with higher volume on Instagram by playing around with different words.

  • Engage with influencers

There’s a number of tools that can help you locate influencers within your niche. Your audience trust and pay attention to these influencers. You should engage with a relevant influencer by commenting on their posts and tagging them to the valuable posts you make. There’s no need to be promotional when commenting and you shouldn’t be, your branded account is enough to draw the attention of followers.

  • Steal the followers of your competitors

This is a sure-fire way to get more followers in a short time span. Stealing followers is also a great Instagram marketing strategy because you are already sure of the kind of content that interests them.  The best way to steal followers is to like and comment on their posts and then follow them.

Building a business, even a small one, is never an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of time and effort; as such, it’s important that one takes considerable effort to ensure your business is properly set up on Google and will be visible to people making searches related to your brand.


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