The natural course of getting into business is perhaps working one’s way up a certain industry, learning its ins and outs and then eventually starting up your own thing. All of this would need to be within the confines of the associated terms agreed upon as part of your employment though, like honouring a non-compete contract you signed.

Consequently, the typical future business person who is still learning the ropes of the industry they’re merely employed in for now might think that things are generally the same when it comes to earnings potential. I.e. they might be of the belief that because more permanently employed workers tend to earn more than remote workers, therefore a remotely run business generates less profit than one which is operated from a fixed location.

This is not true and swiftly brings into focus the first advantage of a remotely run business.

Greater Earning Potential

Taking into account the lifetime earning potential of a business, location-specific businesses tend to be limited to the immediate and surrounding environments they service. Of course this is assuming that the business in question is one which deals in physical goods and services, otherwise something like an e-commerce business addresses the belief that fixed location businesses enjoy a greater earning potential.

Granted, the belief stems from a very fair point of view by way of the reasoning behind it – people and mainly other businesses tend to associate something like a towering office block in a fixed location with credibility and pedigree and so they’re more likely to do business with that particular business over others. There’s something about a permanent address which suggests that the business in question has been around for a considerable amount of time.

These days however and particularly in the last five years or so, the status quo has been undergoing a complete transformation. Location-independence is the new black in business and the business person who has managed to master their passive income streams is perhaps the ultimate to be aspired to.

So there is greater earning potential with a remotely run business, mainly because of the global reach a remote business grants you along with the ability to hire talent from all over the world, keeping in mind that you’ll only really be expected to pay them the remote worker’s rate.

Low Overheads

You think of the typical remotely run business and perhaps an image of a website comes to mind, albeit a pretty sophisticated one which resembles more of a web application. That can be all as far as your overheads go if you’re running a remote operation, i.e. the maintenance of your website and your monthly web hosting fees.

Favourable Local Markets

Remotely run businesses with a global reach continuously benefit from the somewhat specialised knowledge they’re privy to due to their reach, so you might be sitting all the way in the U.K. for example and be able to take advantage of the services of a Newport News personal injury attorney for your own economic advancement in so many different ways.


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