If you are a student, you know how hard it can be to ensure that you have enough money. Although you can get grants and sponsorships to help, money can still be a big worry. If you are considering getting a part-time job, here are some of the reasons why you should. Remember, lots of students have part-time jobs and many employers are understanding of their university commitments.

Extra Cash

The most important reason that many students get a part-time job is for the extra income. If you haven’t got many savings or you haven’t got a lot of support, a part-time job is ideal for a little extra cash. Having this extra money can put your mind at ease and allow you to be able to join in with meals and nights out, rather than worrying about your cash.

Gaining New Skills

Any job that you find is great for gaining new, invaluable skills. If you can, try applying for jobs that are somewhat relevant to your degree or course. If you are studying nursing, you may apply for part-time positions in nursing homes or for caring in the community. This will help build your skills where they are relevant, and it will look great to future employers. If you need help in applying for a job, I Resume Cover Letter have some great examples of cover letters for many different fields including healthcare and finance.

Meeting New People

If you have moved to a new place to study, chances are you may not know many people. Course mates and flat mates are all chances of new friendship groups, as are new work friends. As so many students apply for part-time jobs, you may even make a friend that is studying at the same school or college as you are. It is always nice to broaden your horizons and the more people you meet, the more at home you will feel. Who knows, you may even meet your new best friend at your new job!

Improve Your Organizational Skills

If anything, having a part-time job will help keep you organized. This can be a motivation booster to getting work done, rather than leaving it till the last minute. If you are given work and know that you have shifts the next two evenings, this can spur you on to head to the library straight after class, rather than procrastinating. Being organized and completing work well ahead of time can get you better marks, as you are not putting pressure on yourself and it can make you feel a lot less stressed. It will also look good on your CV when applying for jobs after graduating, as it will also show potential employers that you have good organizational skills.

A part-time job can be beneficial, but ensure it doesn’t come first. Finding a company that is understanding and will give you less shifts during exam season is the best way to ensure this does not happen.


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